All you need to know about TERMUX

All you need to know about TERMUX

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What is Termux?

Termux is an android application which is an emulator and it is also a Linux environment app. There is no particular need of setting it up or rooting the phone, It works directly. The additional packages are available using APT package manager. Termux repositories are hosted by JFrog Bintray

What are the uses of Termux?

There are many uses of termux, Some of them are:

  • Data processing with Python.
  • Programming in a development environment.
  • Downloading and managing files and pages using time-established tools.
  • Learning the basics of the Linux command line environment.
  • Running an SSH client.
  • Synchronizing and backing up your files.

Some of the basic commands of Termux are:

To Update

apt update

To check whether app is properly installed, we use:

pkg install sl

If the termux is properly installed, we will be seeing a moving train.

To see all the processes which are running in Termux, we use


To display the text in a different style, we use

apt install figlet
figlet word

To see matrix backgroud animation, we use

apt install cmatrix
cmatrix + ENTER

Using termux we can also find the factors of numbers, To do that we need to install coreutils.

apt install coreutils
factor 2020

One of the commands that I personally like is w3m. It is used to open any url from this termux.

apt install w3m

We can also install metasploit using termux. To do that we first need to install curl.

apt install curl

After installing curl, we need to transfer data.

curl -LO

To get the access permission

chmod 777



To learn more about different commands that can be used in linux terminal click here

In the above mentioned manner you can install any packages to your smart phone based on your need. To learn more about different packages available you can read it here

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