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This is a dedicated series for folks who are interested to get the basics of linux as well as move to advance stage. Don't worry we will start from scratch and gradually move to advance.

Articles in this series

# 1 Basics about linux

Sep 8, 20217 min read

What is Linux? Linux is a kernel upon which many operating systems, such as Ubuntu and Arch Linux, are built. Linux is open-source which means you can read the code associated with the kernel. The Linux kernel was released in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. ...

# 1 Basics about linux
#2 How to Choose the Best Linux Distro for Your Needs
# 3 Beginners - Navigating the file system
# 4 Beginners - cat, grep, and the wonders of piping
# 5 Beginners - finding files
# 6 Beginners - File permissions and ownership